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Theoni's Greek Orthodox Baptism

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a Greek Orthodox baptism, and it was such a beautiful and meaningful experience. One of the most significant parts of the ceremony was the triple immersion of the baby in water, which symbolizes their new life in Christ. After that, the baby's hair was cut in a ritual known as the "tonsure". This symbolizes the baby's dedication to God and their commitment to follow in the footsteps of St. John the Baptist. Another special moment was when the baby was anointed with holy oil, known as chrism. This was an emotional moment for the parents and the godparents who stand by the baby's side and promise to raise the child in the Orthodox faith. The atmosphere was filled with love, joy, and emotion, it was a privilege to be able to capture these special moments for the family and to be able to provide them with stunning, timeless images that they will treasure forever.

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