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About Me

I'm Joel Gonsalves and I'm an Adelaide based photographer! My love for photography started at a very early age when my sister and I would go through my mum's photo albums and she would tell us stories about the people and places in those photographs which I found quite fascinating. We had a Yashica film camera then and I would always try and use it on vacations or whenever there was enough film roll in the camera (36 shots per film was the limit!). I started digital photography when I was able to save up some money from my first job and purchased a Canon point and shoot, there has been no looking back ever since. Slowly and steadily I was able to own better professional cameras, improve my art and build a portfolio, which eventually led to people contacting me for paid shoots!

I have been telling people’s stories through photography since 2016, photographing love, families, portraits, events, and occasions, and traveling to amazing countries capturing the essence of those places. My photography style is relaxed and vibrant. I capture all the wonderful and silly moments and let you get on with having a brilliant time with minimal direction for portraits. With each set of lovers, each amazing family, each sweet little one, I have had the distinct honor of taking life’s beautiful, one-of-a-kind, intimate moments; documenting each unique journey in images for them to hold onto forever. And I hope that the memories I have captured in each image will be as precious to you in 30 years as they are today.

Life’s greatest moments can’t be planned, but they can be captured. And they deserve to be captured beautifully. I can't wait to tell your story next!  

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